Floor Guide

Fitness Room

Exclusively for staying guests, the Fitness Room features cardio machines such as treadmills and stationary bicycles, as well as balance balls for core training, and other equipment and machines.

Please enjoy an even better and pleasant stay with our new Fitness Room.

Fitness Room
Fitness Room
Fee Free
Location 6F
Equipment Cardio Machines(treadmills, etc.)/Muscle building equipment and machines(chest, thighs, hamstrings, abdominals, etc.)/Core training equipment(balance balls, etc.)

※Fitness Room is only open to staying guests above the age of 16.
※Please bring your own training wear and (athletic) shoes.
※Please visit our front desk when you wish to use the Fitness Room.

Parking Lot

Guide to Use of Our Parking Facilities

Capacity 120 vehicles in underground parking lot
Vehicle dimension limits Length: 6.3m / Width: 2.8m / Height: 2.1m
Hours of operation 24 hours a day for both entry and exit
Parking fees Normal ¥300/30 minutes ( to a maximum of ¥2,800/same day )
Special days ¥300/30 minutes ( to a maximum of ¥3,500/same day )
For accommodation guests ¥1,000 per day of stay
For restaurant guests First 3 hours free for guests spending ¥2,000 or more
For banquet and wedding guests First 6 hours free

※ Parking fees are subject to change without notice.
※ Reservations for use of parking facilities are not available.

Business Center

Available at the Business Center next to the lobby floor Front Desk are personal computers with Japanese and English OS, a color copier and mobile phone chargers.

Inquire at the Front Desk to use the Business Center.

Business Center

Coin PC

Software Supports Japanese and English Windows 7
Fee ¥100/10 minutes
Word 2010 / Excel 2010 / Power Point 2010 / Internet Explorer / Adobe Acrobat Reader
CD-RW drive, FD drive, memory card reader (Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD card, Smart Media), color laser printer [with charge]


Monochrome B5~A3 【 ¥20/1 sheet 】
Color B5~B4 【 ¥50/1 sheet 】/
A3 【 ¥100/1 sheet 】

Mobile phone charger

Each mobile phone
manufacturer correspondence
¥100/10 minutes


A Currency Exchange machine is available on the lobby floor.


  • US dollar
  • British pound
  • Canadian dollar
  • Australian dollar
  • Euro
  • Chinese yuan
  • Taiwan new dollar
  • Hong Kong dollar

※Exchange from foreign currency to Japanese yen only.

Currency Exchange